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What we can do in bad Weather Writing

What we can do in bad Weather

Running through the rain, running through the puddles and the mud all the mud squishing in between my toes ugh yuck soon a storm comes and everyone jumps the trees are blowing sidewards as they try to blow over ahh all the kids scream the trees going fall on top of me next minute they all run in front of me then all the kids nearly die to buy a struck of lightning and thunder.

                    The End                            By Mollie

Friday, August 25, 2017


Wiata Songs

Why is water so important Water is so important because we need it to keep us healthy and powers u up for the day. If there wasn’t any water in this world everything would die. If people didn’t drink a minimum of 9 glasses of water a day they would get very dehydrated. We need it to do things on the farm and if things can’t clean on the farm all the animals will die. We need to use water on the farm for cleaning the shed and the herd home where the cows go in the winter. The shed needs to be clean other wise it will keep getting filled up with poo and they will faint and get really sick. Cows also need sun to survive and need to be fed grass and silage to keep them healthy and help them calf they need to also drink water to help them calf to. Horses need water to survive and if horses didn’t have any water they wouldn’t be in this world because water is best for them to drink.They eat hay and grass they also need to eat that to survive but you don’t over feed them otherwise they. We also use water for shipping.Water is so healthy for you I drink about 6-9 glasses of water each day.Mostly everyone should have 6- glasses of water each day. You should always have more than 9 glasses of water a day.