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study tuatara

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Activity One:

What did you see? _food, . green  stone, carvings, powihiri,grass,painted rocks.the native

What did you hear?__laughing,singing,karakia,discussions,birds.

How did you feel? nervous,weird,excited because i didn’t really understand
some of the words they were saying.

What did you expect? _learn about all the moari’s and what’s happened in the class.

What surprised you? Food because i didn’t really expect supplied food.
What took you out of your comfort zone? Hongi because I've never done that before.
What did you learn? Some other different gods.

Activity Two:
Below are some photos of Tuhuru.  Listen to the tangata whenua talk about features that are
significant to them.  Label the relevant pictures with information you have learnt.
What are these gates?Image result for tuhuru marae
The gates are the welcoming gates as you walk in to go into the wharitepuna they have the gates
to keep out the enemies that come there way.

The carvings are the wood type con-creek things that are on thw walls we also
got to geel them it felt really weird to.

Image result for tuhuru marae

The carvings are the wood type con-creek things an we got to go around
and feel the carvings.

Every marae has protocols and rules that you must follow while you are there.  Listen to the tangata
whenua and write down the rules that you are to follow while you are at Tuhuru.  Present it as a poster
on this page:

listen to the whare.
follow the rules.
keepe your bottoms on the floor.
act normal.
be nice to one and other.
have fun.
appreciate what
they put on
the table.

put you albo’s on the table.
push and shuve.
be rude.
say oh  i don’t like
this food.
pull rocks of the carvings.
say this is getting boring.
interrupt when people
are talking.

Write a reflection on your day spent at Tuhuru Marae.  What have you learnt?
What did you enjoy the most? What was a challenge?
 Do you feel that you know a little more about Tereo Maori?
What are you most proud of doing today?  Is there anything that you now want to learn more about?

I have learnt alot of things about wars and the moari’s and we got to feel the calvings.

What i enjoyed the most is the food the songs the cravings the joyfulness and hearing the story’s.

The challenge for me was to sit in one spot because i’m not one of those people that
sit still i like to alway's keep busy.

I feel that I've learnt a bit more about the moari’s and the wars that have happened thru the pass.

I was most proud of the songs and what they could do.

I want to learn about the rivers and where all the wars stood.

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What we can do in bad Weather Writing

What we can do in bad Weather

Running through the rain, running through the puddles and the mud all the mud squishing in between my toes ugh yuck soon a storm comes and everyone jumps the trees are blowing sidewards as they try to blow over ahh all the kids scream the trees going fall on top of me next minute they all run in front of me then all the kids nearly die to buy a struck of lightning and thunder.

                    The End                            By Mollie

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